Some of our students visited the Aviation Academy in Norwich on the 21st March 2018 to gain an insight into careers within aviation. This was a fantastic day that included a Masterclass, tour of an Aircraft and a flight in the helicopter simulator.

As part of the Masterclass, certificates were rewarded to the team who came up with the best solution to the Aviation Task, and fun was had by all when they got the chance to fly the helicopter simulator.

Tyler Wiseman and Landree Altham said “ The day was even better than we thought, we loved sitting in the cockpit and seeing how the Pilot’s operate the plane. The helicopter simulator was a lot of fun and it’s much more difficult than I thought to operate an aircraft.”

The six areas of aviation are Cabin Crew, Airport Operations, Air Traffic Control, Professional Pilot, Operations and Crewing and Engineering. The students gained a good knowledge of all the different roles and how they all play a vital part in operating the aircraft.