*Please note – this course is only available for students joining us in September 2021*

About The Course

Are the earth’s most dramatic natural events like volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis issues that particularly interest you?

If so, A Level Geology is the subject for you! The study of geology encompasses all the materials that make up the earth, the forces that act upon the earth, as well as the biology of ancestral inhabitants based on fossil records. A geologist is someone who works to understand the history of the planet we live on, to better predict the future and explain current occurrences.

Geology plays a vital role behind the success of many other different disciplines, such as climatology, civil engineering, and evolutionary biology.

The dynamic nature of this scientific discipline, with hands-on work in the field and the laboratory, particularly appeals to practical people. Indeed, you will have many opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills through trips and experimentation.

What We Add

You will be taught by experienced and enthusiastic staff, with opportunities to work in both a laboratory and field environment, and the chance to visit locations further afield on trips.

Lessons will combine whole class teaching with small group work and independent research.

How Can I Standout With Geology?

You could progress to university to study a geology or earth sciences-related degree, ultimately leading to an exciting career in the field. Geology is a well-paid vocation with many opportunities to travel. In fact, due to a worldwide shortage of geologists, you can expect reasonably good employment prospects following higher education. Career opportunities can range from the groundwater industry and the construction industry, to the oil, gas and petroleum industry.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • Grade 4 in GCSE Maths