About the course…

Do you want to discover how the media affects our understanding of the world around us?

The media industry is one of the most powerful global operations that exist in modern society; this course makes you think differently about the world you inhabit and ‘a world’ the media constructs.

Topics include:

  • Investigating Media – you will study the main media platforms of broadcasting, e-media and print. A wide range of media texts will be studied across the three platforms and you will learn how a set of key concepts underpin this study. The unit also covers cross-media topic areas such as broadcast/film fiction, documentary, music, news and sport.
  • Creating Media – this unit provides you with the opportunity to work individually or in a group to create media products from a production brief provided by the awarding body.
  • Critical Perspectives – two pre-set topic areas are studied across the three media platforms, developing your understanding of media text communication by considering the contexts of how media products are created, such as the wider social, historical, political and economic issues.
  • Media: Research and Production – this unit will require you to produce a critical investigation into an area of media activity that interests you, and a linked production that illustrates aspects of your investigation.

Why study with us…

Our state-of-the-art equipment will allow you to create your own work to a near professional standard. We have a full HD operating TV Studio, complete with green screen and area for set design, which will give you experience in editing and filming live television shows. Our video and print software is of industry standard, and will give you skills that will be vital to pursuing a career in many aspects of the media industry.

Where Media Studies can take you…

You can go on to university to study for a degree in media, cultural studies, film and TV, advertising or a wide range of degree programmes related to media studies.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study