Do you want to set up your own business in the future? Are you aware of all the information and creative technology which will allow a business to succeed?

This course allows you to study the world of business and ICT, giving you the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. You will examine the roles and responsibilities of setting up a new business and its financial management.

You will develop a broad understanding of Information and Creative Technology its application within a business setting.

The course encourages you to explore the range of business types and understand the factors that influence their success.

You will utilise research, practical, communication and technical skills to present a business plan for a realistic business start-up. The course will also help you with website design, electronic publishing and data base technology; all of these are essential for success in the competitive business world.

This course will support you to develop key employability skills including communication and research skills, customer awareness training and a range of relevant I.T skills.

How can I STANDOUT with Business and ICT?

The course will support progression onto our Level 3 Business or ICT courses. It will also give you the opportunity to seek employment and apprenticeships in the business world and also in the IT sector.

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