L6FC meets Corbyn! – Written by George King. Photos by Phillip and Julie Williams.

Our students got the opportunity to hear leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn and shadow Chancellor John McDonnell speak about austerity, investing in public infrastructure and the current plight of the NHS and mental health funding.
One student, Hazel, spoke with Corbyn and McDonnell about homelessness and what she believes must be done in the future to prevent more people sleep rough on the streets. Corbyn agreed with Hazel and also pushed for increased housing developments.
After pressing the Labour Party for the last couple of weeks, I was delighted to receive four tickets to an intimate talk with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell at Christchurch in Great Yarmouth. I worked with politics teacher Simon to find some politically motivated students who would benefit most from such an opportunity, and I’m happy to say the students I took along really enjoyed the occasion and wouldn’t stop talking about politics when the event finished. Some of them got to speak with Corbyn about their own personal political ambitions which was a very touching moment.
After, two of the students were pushing me to start a college blog and newsletter to help give them a platform to host their opinions (something I will look into over the half term), another student says it would be a great way to train the students looking to study journalism in the future.
Whilst I will look to host more events with different political speakers across the ideological spectrum, it was clear to see that Corbyn has really galvanised the youth, and I would like to thank him, McDonnell and all of this staff for what was a great opportunity for the students.