At Lowestoft Sixth Form College, we support each individual’s differences. This means that whatever learning difficulty or disability a student may have, we ensure that support is offered so that you can study alongside your peers.

We know that everyone learns differently and we help our students enhance their strengths through targeted support. It is our goal that all our students, regardless of their needs, are able to develop and progress independently into further study or employment.

We offer a range of support tailored to your individual needs. This could range from additional teaching by a specialist, to dyslexia support, ensuring extra time for exams, to the loan of a laptop computer and access to specialist software. You may find that we provide support that was not offered to you at school. We have a full range of assistive technology that is available in a calm and quiet environment. We offer an assessment, including an additional confidential chat before entry. Students will need to meet general entry requirements.

Please tell us as early as you can how we can support you. As soon as we know what you need we can arrange your specific support. The details you give us will always be dealt with in confidence.

Provision for disabled access has been considered with care and integrated into the building design to ensure convenient and comfortable access to all areas.

If you have any further questions regarding ALS support, please email Tracy on

Equality & Diversity

Lowestoft Sixth Form College welcomes applications from learners with additional needs. We have a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all. We take our commitment to Equality of Opportunity seriously and base our relationships in the college on mutual respect and appreciation of difference. We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. We support wholeheartedly the aims of the Equality Act 2010 and we will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure your requirements are met.



A professional, confidential counselling service is available for those times when you may want some extra help and to share concerns, whether college-related or not.


If you need any information in an alternative format please contact us and we are happy to supply it.