Thank you for attending Taster Day, we hope you enjoyed the day and the session you attended.

Below you will see a list of each subject, please click on the subject name to download the summer project. You will need a PDF reader in order to open them.

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A-Level Courses

Art (PDF)

Biology (PDF)

Business Studies (PDF)

Chemistry (PDF)

Criminology (PDF)

Economics (PDF)

English Language (PDF)

English Literature (PDF)

Film Studies (PDF)

Geography (PDF)

Government & Politics (PDF)

Graphics (PDF)

Health and Social Care (PDF)

History (PDF)

Law (PDF)

Mathematics (PDF)

Media Studies (PDF)

Photography (PDF)

Physics (PDF)

Psychology (PDF)

Sociology (PDF)

BTEC Summer Projects

Business Diploma (PDF)

Creative Media (PDF)

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (PDF)

Forensic Science (PDF)

Games Design (PDF)

IT Subsidiary Diploma (PDF)

IT Diploma (PDF)

Medical Science (PDF)

Music Technology (PDF)

Performing Arts (PDF)

Sport (PDF)

BTEC Fast Track/GCSE Fast Track (Level 2)

BTEC Fast Track/GCSE Fast Track (Level 2) (PDF)