What Will My Day Look Like?

You will be on a full-time programme at Lowestoft Sixth Form and we commit to you for at least two years to complete your Level 3 study.

You will typically be on a three-block programme. Each block usually represents one subject, for example, three A Levels will be three blocks. Some BTEC programmes are also available as two blocks or three blocks. Students may wish to study a four-block programme or a three-block programme plus the extended project qualification (EPQ). We are happy to discuss these options with you at application/interview.

Each block is 60-90 minutes long with three lessons a week for each subject. You will also have an allocated tutorial block each week where you will complete the Lowestoft Sixth Form tutorial programme and have regular one-to-one reviews with your teacher. Blocks outside of subject lessons and tutorials will be for independent study. You may also wish to use some of your free blocks to take part in extracurricular activities available in our PlusMore programme. Timetables will be unique to each student depending on the subjects and PlusMore activities chosen, with activities starting from 9am to 4.15pm (2.30pm on Fridays).

You are free to use the campus facilities – study areas and pods, quiet and individual study rooms, digital and IT areas, library and cafeteria – when you are not in your lessons and during break and lunch. You can access the sixth form Careers Team and Student Achievement Mentors (SAMs) throughout the day. You also have access to all of the East Coast College facilities using your Lowestoft Sixth Form access card, including additional canteen and library spaces and all other recreational and study spaces. As a student of Lowestoft Sixth Form College, you can also access the Waterlane Sports Centre (which is next to the sixth form building) for many free activities and classes.

You are equally free to leave the campus when you are not in lessons or accessing a college activity. Many students choose to study at home, take time out with friends, plan driving lessons or work experience or access part-time work alongside their study.

Full timetable example:

Timetable with three lesson blocking: