Do you envisage yourself as Alan Sugar’s next ‘apprentice’? Are you a potential Richard Branson? Have you considered running your own business?

If so, Business Studies may just be the course for you. Business Studies focuses on problem solving and making business decisions.

In the first year, you will be introduced to how businesses are started and how they work. We will look at real world business news and case studies to develop your understanding of business problems and issues.

In addition, you will explore business enterprise and discover how to manage a small business. We will look at several areas of business, including marketing, operations management and accounting/finance.

In the second year, you will consider larger businesses and the strategies they use to succeed. You will study how political, legal, social and technological issues affect businesses.

Business Studies students will enjoy a range of trips and visits to a variety of businesses in the UK to see business in action. You will also be able to attend business conferences and have the opportunity to take part in business competitions.

How can I STANDOUT with Business Studies after college?

Business Studies will allow you to go to university to study a wide range of subjects, such as Accountancy, Marketing and Business Management. This course also combines well with A Level Economics, Maths and ICT courses. You will gain a range of transferable skills, including those required to help launch a business of your own.

Entry Requirements

You will need to meet the standard college entry criteria for A Level courses.



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