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Individual Care: Specialist Tutoring

We know that the transition to college can be thrilling, demanding and a little daunting. So we provide close individual care and monitoring, and will work in partnership with you to ensure your daughter/son achieves their full potential.

College is not like school. Students are given more freedom to manage their own time and learn to become independent- this is vital if they are to be successful when they move on to university or employment. However, with this freedom comes responsibility. We treat our students as young adults and expect them to behave accordingly.

We ask for your support in ensuring your son/daughter:

  • Commits to their studies and completes work on time
  • Maintains full attendance, not taking holidays in term time
  • Respects the college’s commitment to equality and celebration of diversity
  • Cares for the college environment and facilities
  • Abides by the Code of Conduct