About the course…

Have you ever wondered how you can help prevent climate change? Can you charge a mobile phone with a lemon? Why does wine turn to vinegar? Can you find a cure for the common cold?

A Level Chemistry will give you an exciting insight into the modern world of chemistry, with practical skills integrated throughout the course. You will learn how chemistry affects you
and the impact it has on industry, which will equip you with the skills to investigate and solve problems in a range of contexts.

You will study topics such as:

  • Development of practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry (atomic structure, moles, bonding and electronic configuration)
  • The periodic table and energy (periodicity and enthalpy changes)
  • Core organic chemistry (naming of organic molecules, functional groups and their reactions)
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements (rates of reaction, equilibrium, pH and transition metals)
  • Organic chemistry and analysis (aromatic compounds, NMR and infrared spectroscopy)

Why study with us…

  • You will benefit from being taught in professional laboratories in a state-of-the-art chemistry department.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend seminars and hear from experts in the industry.
  • Chemistry gives you many transferable skills, including analysis and problem solving, time management and organisation, research and presentation, teamwork and written communication.

Where Chemistry can take you…

A Level Chemistry is the perfect course if you are looking to study a degree in subjects such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, chemistry, biochemistry or pharmaceuticals.

Chemistry will also lead to a range of careers in fields such as nursing, biochemistry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, chemical engineering, forensic science, toxicology and more.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • You will need a minimum grade 6 in Maths and a 6 in Science (core) and a 6 in Additional Science or GCSE Chemistry
  • If you wish to study two or more A Level Science or Maths courses, you will need to meet the entry criteria for a Science A Level programme too