About the course…

Do you wonder about what types of crime take place in our society? And what kinds of crime exist?

Criminology is the scientific study of the nature, extent, management, causes, control, consequences and prevention of criminal behaviour.

This course has been designed to offer interesting and exciting experiences that focus on developing your knowledge and understanding of the nature of crime, criminological theories and the criminal justice system.

You will focus on topics such as:

  • Changing awareness of crime – different types of crime, influences and perceptions
  • Criminological theories – why do people commit crime?
  • Crime scene to courtroom – the criminal justice system
  • Crime and punishment

Why study with us…

  • We offer visits to courts in Great Yarmouth and Norwich, and you will hear from guest speakers within the legal profession.
  • You will have the exciting opportunity to investigate realistic crime scenes, putting your skills and knowledge into practice.
  • We offer the chance to enter the national law and criminological competitions when they arise.

Where Criminology can take you…

A qualification in Criminology will enable you to progress to university to study courses in areas such as law, criminal justice, psychology, sociology and forensics.

Criminology is also ideal if you are considering a career within the police, social services or probation service.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study