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About the course…

Do you have a passion for discovering how language works? Do you thrive on interrogating the science of words and enjoy thinking analytically about the ways language is used in a variety of contexts? 

On this course, you will develop a linguistic terminology and explore language usage in different situations and social contexts through gender, power, technology, accent, dialect and age – to name a few! 

You will study the difference between speech and writing and study child language acquisition, as well as having the opportunity to pursue your own linguistic passion by choosing your own areas to study for coursework.

Why study with us…

  • You will have the exciting opportunity to take part in reporting and representing the First Light Festival, where you will work alongside industry professionals in marketing, journalism and PR.
  • You will meet visiting academics and linguists from prestigious universities. This includes the opportunity to attend the A Level Language conference in London.
  • Studying English Language helps develop a variety of skills, including critical reasoning and analysis, effectively conveying arguments/opinions and thinking creatively and leading and participating in discussions. 

Where English Language can take you…

English Language is the perfect A Level to take if you want to pursue a degree in English language or linguistics, either as a single subject or combined with English literature, creative writing, linguistics or journalism. 

Careers in fields as diverse as public relations, teaching, social work, speech therapy, marketing, the civil service, publishing and film and television all welcome an academic qualification in English Language.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • Grade 5s in GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language
  • All course texts are available from the English Department or LRC on long term loan – you may wish to buy your own copies

Course Alumni

Olivia Starkings

Studied: English Language, English Literature and Criminology

Next Steps: Studying English at the University of Lincoln

Attending Lowestoft Sixth Form College has prepared me for my next stages of education.