About The Course

What is the one topic or subject you are really interested in? Do you want to learn about treatments and therapies for different diseases? Do you want to explore why people commit a crime? Do you want to look into how we could tackle the climate crisis we face today?

Whatever your interests are, you can explore these further through completing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ can be taken alongside any A Level or BTEC courses, and involves completing a piece of independent research on a topic of your choice!

You can either create something (e.g. a play, piece of art, a book, teaching resource, music video etc.) or write a report that answers your research question. This is your chance to explore in-depth a topic that really interests you.

The emphasis throughout this course will be on developing your independent research, study and presentation skills, culminating in the completion of a piece of independent research by you on a topic of your choice. These skills are highly valued by universities and employers.

What We Add

You will benefit from being taught by teachers with a background in research, and support from universities with the development of your study skills. You will be supported by a mentor in college who is a specialist in your project area, and will also have the chance to present the findings of your research to an audience upon the completion of your project.

How Can I Standout With An Extended Project Qualification?

The EPQ is the perfect course to prepare you for further study at university, or for employment. The independent study skills and presentation skills developed on this course are highly valued by both universities and employers.

Entry Requirements

  • Grade 5 in English Language
  • Four GCSEs at grade 4-9