About The Course

Do you enjoy watching films and looking into how they are made? Do you like thinking about the story, camera work and editing?

If so, A Level Film Studies may be just the course for you. This exciting and dynamic course is based around how filmmakers use special features, editing, cinematography and sound in complex and highly artistic ways; this is a large part of what constitutes the for mal study of film.

In your first year, you will study the American and British film industries, British horror and US science fiction film. For your coursework, you will engage with a film, discovering how it’s put together and the meanings that different techniques will create. You will also be given the opportunity to develop your own film ideas.

In your second year, you will start to look in detail at some film theories that will feed into a small scale research project that will be come part of your coursework. You will choose your own focus films and area of research, and will be given free reign to develop your own theories and conclusions.

In addition to your research project, you will learn how to write scripts to industry-standard and will be able to develop your ideas into a screenplay of your own. Your intake of films will become more varied as we discuss international cinema and audience response.

What We Add

Our state-of-the-art equipment will allow you to create your own work to a near professional standard. We have a full HD operating TV Studio, complete with green screen and area for set design, which will give you experience in editing and filming live television shows. Our video and print software is of industry standard, and will give you skills that will be vital to pursuing a career in many aspects of the media industry.

How Can I Standout With Film Studies?

The course will lead to a deeper understanding of film and encourage those interested in practical filmmaking to make their own work. A Level Film Studies can lead to a wide range of degree programmes in film studies, media studies, scriptwriting, film and television production, journalism or any other humanities-based degree.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study