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About the course…

Further Maths is a highly challenging and stimulating course for excellent mathematicians who have achieved a grade 7, 8 or 9 in GCSE Maths. This course must be studied alongside A Level Maths. 

Not only will this course improve your performance in A Level Maths, it is also designed to let you study a wide range of further options in pure maths, mechanics, statistics, decision and numerical maths in much more detail. 

This course is more difficult than A Level Maths, so you need to be a very keen mathematician, as well as a highly motivated learner.

Why study with us…

  • Further Maths is a highly regarded A Level and will allow you to progress into many maths related university courses and apprenticeships.
  • We offer weekly maths workshops where you can practise techniques and stretch your knowledge alongside students from other classes.
  • Our Maths teachers are passionate, caring experts in their field and are dedicated to ensuring you make outstanding progress. This has been demonstrated through years of excellent results.

Where Further Maths can take you…

Further Maths can lead to degrees such as maths, physics, engineering, economics, accountancy, meteorology, data science, computer science and more.

A qualification in Further Maths can also lead to many different careers, including accountancy, actuary, cyber security, data analysis, economics, engineering, financial advice, investment, meteorology, physics, programming, research, software development, statistics, tax advice and teaching. 

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • Average GCSE score of 5.5 or above
  • Grade 7 or above in GCSE Maths (higher tier)
  • This course must be studied alongside A Level Maths
  • If you wish to study two or more A Level Science or Maths courses, you will need to meet the entry criteria for a Science A Level programme too

Course Alumni

Joshua Skipper

Studied: Maths, Further Maths and Physics

Next Steps: Attending the University of Sheffield to study Maths

The sixth form is a really peaceful environment, so it’s great to study here.