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About the course…

Are you interested in finding out about the major events of the past and how they have shaped the world today?

This course covers some of the most fascinating periods in world history and gives you the opportunity to deeply research one of the world’s most troubling regimes.

You will study a range of interesting topics, including:

  • Anglo Saxon England and the Norman Conquest (1035-1107)
  • The Cold War in Europe (1941-1995)
  • The Challenge of German Nationalism (1789-1919)
  • The Rise of the Nazis and Nazi Germany (1920-1944)

Why study with us…

  • You will have the exciting opportunity to take part in an archaeological dig.
  • History will help you develop many transferable skills, including analysis, essay writing, research, problem solving, argumentation, communication and critical thinking. These skills will benefit you greatly as you progress to higher education and employment. 
  • The past teaches us about the present. Many of the topics you will cover are also relevant to modern political themes, such as nationalism, conservatism and immigration.

Where History can take you…

History is highly regarded by universities. Degrees such as law, history, politics, English, media studies, archaeology, philosophy and sociology all favour an A Level in History.

With History providing many transferable skills, it can also lead to a range of careers with roles such as an academic researcher, archivist, heritage manager, historic buildings inspector/conservation officer, museum education officer, museum/gallery curator, museum/gallery exhibitions officer and teacher.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study

Course Alumni

Grace Oram

Studied: History, Geography and Sociology

Next Steps: Studying Modern History at Queen Mary, University of London

Lowestoft Sixth Form College helped me realise the importance of asking for help when you need it.