About The Course

Are you interested in finding out about the major events of the past and how they have shaped the world today?

Our A Level History course is based on enquiring why events happened and assessing their significance, rather than just being a sequence of facts and dates! You will develop your literacy skills through interpreting historical sources and communicating your own views on the topics you have covered in writing. Topics will include:

Britain 1930-97: This option includes a case study of Churchill, examining how he came to power and his role as war leader. You will also consider how successfully British governments dealt with the economic, social and political problems they encountered.

The Cold War in Europe 1941-95: You will examine why this global struggle began, its key events such as the building of the Berlin Wall, and the different theories of how the war finally came to an end.

The Challenge of German Nationalism 1789-1919: You will assess the reasons why Germany emerged as a new nation in 1871 and what role it played in causing the First World War.

Coursework: You will carry out a research project where you can investigate a question of your choice, within a given topic area.

What We Add

We offer extra support sessions, along with access to historical video materials to support your learning. You will visit the local archive office to see historians at work and to find out more about Lowestoft’s past.

How Can I Standout With History?

History is a respected subject which can lead to further study at university, and is closely linked to subjects such as politics, economics, sociology and English. High level literacy and the ability to independently research and present your findings are regarded as transferable skills, as they are valuable to so many areas of work.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study