About The Course

Do you enjoy arguing your case? Do you know your legal rights?

Studying A Level Law will enable you to investigate a wide range of high profile real-life cases. You will find out about the offences, how they came to court, how the judge can sentence a convicted criminal and how solicitors, barristers, magistrates and juries interact.

In the first year, you will study the nature of law and the English legal system, one area of private law (law of contract or law of tort) and one area of public law (criminal law or human rights law). You will be taught to develop your legal skills, developing legal argument, problem solving techniques and analysing case studies.

In the second year, you will develop an understanding of substantive law, private law and public law. Students will also study the law of contract and criminal law in further depth. Students who like analysing issues, problem solving and debating will thoroughly enjoy the whole course.

What We Add

You will have the opportunity to visit courts to observe real cases as they are tried in both magistrates’ and crown courts. You will also be able to visit universities and participate in the annual National Bar Mock Trial to develop your advocacy skills against schools and colleges throughout the region.

How Can I Standout With Law?

The skills you develop on this course will be useful for many university degree courses and employment areas. Many students go on to study law at university. Others develop careers as paralegals or join government agencies such as the police or the Crown Prosecution Service.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study