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About the course…

Do you ever wonder what life is about, why we are here and what our purpose is? Do you ever question how we decide what is right and what is wrong? Or even wonder who decides what is right or wrong? 

From ancient times to today, history’s greatest minds have searched for answers to the big questions in life. Science call tell us how, but it can’t tell us why. Studying Philosophy means exploring these challenges in theoretical, practical, logical and historical contexts. 

Philosophers are big thinkers, able to challenge commonly accepted ideas with their intellect and open-mindedness.

Why study with us…

• Philosophy encourages open-mindedness and can actually change your character.

• You will study a range of interesting topics, including moral philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics of God and metaphysics of mind.

• You will meet visiting academics from prestigious universities and organisations, as well as having the opportunity to attend taster sessions and conferences. There is also the opportunity to join the debating club, where you can put your reasoning skills to the test.

Where Philosophy can take you…

Philosophy pairs well with many different subjects, meaning you could study a general philosophy degree or a combined degree such as philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) or a range of dual honours degrees which combines philosophy with theology, physics, linguistics, literature, languages law, music or maths.

Philosophy gives you a competitive edge when starting your career due to the critical thinking skills you will develop.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • You will need a minimum grade 5 in GCSE English

Course Alumni

Cameron Clarke

Studied: Criminology, Philosophy and English Language

Next Steps: Studying at the University of Greenwich

I met some incredible people during my time here.