Do you want to develop your practical skills and understanding of wider art culture?

By exploring a particular theme through investigations and experimentation, you will be encouraged to develop and articulate ideas to produce images that reflect your own personal point of view.

You will not only learn how to use the cameras, photographic studio and digital editing software, but will also be encouraged to develop an understanding of wider artistic practice within the field through contextual analysis and artist research.

You will be working with enthusiastic and dedicated staff who will aim to support you to fulfil your potential. In addition, you will visit various galleries and participate in practical field trips to develop your own photographic skills.

How can I STANDOUT with Photography after college?

Photography combines well with Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles, Media, Film, Sociology and ICT. It is a perfect subject to study if you want
to consider a career in photojournalism, advertising or fashion photography. It is also very suitable for those who wish to progress
to Art College after their A Levels.

You will also benefit from:

  • Photographic studio equipped with professional quality lighting, accessories, and Mac Suite.
  • Nikon Digital SLR cameras.
  • Adobe editing software (Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge, Premiere Pro).
  • Opportunities to visit various galleries (locally, nationally, internationally) and practical field trips to develop your photographic skills.

Additional subject entry criteria:

  • Grade C in GCSE Art or Photography
  • Owning a personal digital camera, with memory storage card, and accessories is preferable



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