About The Course

What is normal? Are you normal? Why do you obey? Why do you conform? Is it your genes? Can you change a person’s behaviour? Want to understand why we do what we do?

If you would like to be able to answer these type of questions with scientific answers, you will love Psychology! Psychology is about people; their biological processes, about how their minds work, their behaviour and their experiences. This course involves studying psychological theory and research across a wide area. It provides an awareness of the application and limitations of psychological knowledge.

You will study how our thoughts, feelings and body interact to explain human behaviour. This will cover a range of exciting and interesting topics, which include different approaches to psychology (e.g. cognitive, behavioural, physiological, social) and areas such as: relationships, memory, attachment, mental health, aggression and anomalistic psychology.

You will also be given the opportunity for independent research in an area of psychology that interests you.

What We Add

You will have the opportunity to visit university psychology departments, take part in conferences and workshops, visit ad hoc psychology events, and engage in externally organised student sessions relevant to improving your grade.

How Can I Standout With Psychology?

Many A Level Psychology students will go on to study psychology or a related degree at university. Others go on to work in fields of employment where psychology is an advantage e.g. within teaching, nursing, physiotherapy or social work. Psychology also links well to careers within business, advertising, the police or the media industry.

Entry Requirements

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • Grade 4 in GCSE Maths