About the course…

What is normal? Why do you obey? Why do you conform? Is it your genes? Can you change a person’s behaviour? Want to understand why we do what we do?

Psychology is about people; their biological processes, how their minds work, their behaviours and their experiences.

On this exam-based A Level course, you will cover topics such as approaches to psychology (cognitive, biological, humanistic and psychodynamic) and areas such as social influence, memory, attachment, relationships, and forensic psychology.

You will also be given the opportunity for independent research in an area of psychology that interests you.

Why study with us…

  • You will have the opportunity to visit university psychology departments, take part in conferences and workshops, visit psychology events, and engage in externally organised student sessions relevant to improving your grade.
  • This course will help you develop many transferable skills, including critical thinking, time management, research and analysis.
  • Studying Psychology will help you to understand human diversity and personality types. Not only will it broaden your understanding of the people around you, but it will build up your empathy.

Where Psychology can take you…

After completing an A Level in Psychology, you can progress to university to study subjects such as psychology, counselling, criminology, sociology, philosophy and more.

Career opportunities include counsellor, psychiatrist, family mediator, play therapist, forensic psychologist, health psychologist, sports psychologist, child psychologist, clinical psychologist, military psychologist, neuropsychologist, teacher, social worker, youth  worker and market researcher.

Entry requirements…

  • Must meet overall entry criteria for A Level study
  • Grade 4 in GCSE Maths