Berlin Trip

This spring the annual Art and Photography residential trip took place in Berlin. Chris, Judith, and 11 students embarked on a walking journey through one of Europe’s most historic and culturally rich capitals notching up an incredible 64km of walking (…with the occasional tube journey when it was really raining).

The trip began on Friday 17th March with an early start from L6FC – 3:30am to be precise! No-one had forgotten their passport – success! All those phone calls home, parent/student information evenings, photocopied information sheets, and constant classroom reminders had been worthwhile. Chris had cracked it… we boarded the minibus, smug, for the second year running!

…And then we got to Stansted. All was going well, we boarded the plane, and some of us caught those extra minutes of sleep, lost from our early start. For 2 of the students this was their first ever flight in a plane – and one they would remember – considering the first attempt at landing was aborted due to ‘strong head winds’. So, after a twenty minute tour of the Berlin skies we attempted another landing, touched down, skidded, and then came to a halt. WE’D MADE IT! The weather was good for walking, but not so much for an early Spring topping up of a tan. However, after checking in to the accommodation and a reminder from Chris as to why we had come to Berlin in the first place, we were ready to record the stunning scenery that Berlin has to offer.

Berlin is a city full of historical reference and landmarks, including those relating to both the First & Second World Wars, and the division of West & East Berlin from the 1960s through to 1989 when the Berlin wall was finally demolished. In terms of Art there are few cities that can offer more in the way of galleries and museums.

Over the 3 nights and 4 days in the city we accomplished quite a lot. We visited no less than 12 different venues;

Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie, Jewish Museum, Kathe Kollwitz Museum, TV Tower viewing tower, Berlinische Gallery, Bauhaus Archiv, C/O Berlin gallery, Jewish Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall Memorial, Hard Rock Café.

The trip was simply fantastic, made more so by the great company of the students, and there willingness to walk the city in the cold and sometimes rain. Once again I was proud to be their teacher, and enjoyed the trip immensely due to the students’ enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn about the cultural aspects of Berlin, as well as its vast and often tragic history. It really was an amazing time had by all.