Volunteer Work In Ghana

Emma who has just finished her A level studies (Chemistry, Maths, Music, Biology) at L6FC is currently out in Ghana with the charity Thrive Africa. She’s taking part in a month long volunteering project; building libraries in unused rooms of schools that have minimal resources, partaking in children’s home development to hopefully improve the living conditions the orphans who live there, developing caregiver housing and working towards disaster prevention. Emma is considering going onto medical school in the future. Emma has had to fundraise in order to take part, she’s been busy with bake sales and other activities. She also received the Governors’ Travel Bursary Award. We look forward to hearing all about her trip as she’s agreed to present to the Governing Board on her return. We’ll be sure to share her experience and news – see our Facebook page for her latest update.

Emma’s Thrive Africa Fundraising

More information on the Thrive Africa Website